Amarilides Restaurant, Chania Town


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🌏 Chania Town, Crete 73014 Greece (View map)

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n a magnificent location of the Tower Psilonerou on the beach is a restaurant Amaryllis.The restaurant is open from morning until night, serving coffee, soft drinks, sandwiches, salads, varieties, and dinner.One can enjoy swimming under the umbrellas and lunch.The cuisine is Mediterranean Cretan Greek, including a wide variety of special flavors.
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👆 Mobile ⏳ 22-07-2018


Delicious traditional Cretan dishes ...boureki, kalitsounia , squid, ....pork chops ... taverna on the beach !
👆 Mobile ⏳ 19-05-2018

Hidden gem

Hard to find but totally deserved. Great quality homemade food. Peace and quiet place. Friendly staff warmly welcomed us. We had dinner while hearing the waves.
nikos t
👆 Web ⏳ 25-01-2016

perfect food ! the best staff ;)

we ate there a lot of times and everything was amazing ! Friendly, traditional greek tavern with very good food and magic view !!! We will be back :D
George T
👆 Web ⏳ 11-07-2015


I ate there testerday and i have to say that eveyrthing was beyond fine. The food was fresh and well cooked the staff was really helpful and kind and you can also have a very nice view
👆 Mobile ⏳ 25-06-2015

A true gem!

This restaurant is simply AWESOME! Leftheris, the owner, will welcome you as the most valued guest, even if you stop by just for an Elleniko coffee or a perfectly chilled Mythos beer. The food is amazing, everything is home made, the setting truly stunning, the prices are fair the least, not too say ridiculously low! Went there three days in a row with our little daughter and always made feeling home! Thanks a million Leftheris! This place has gained a very special place in our hearts and memories now, and so has this beautiful island!
George R
👆 Web ⏳ 23-04-2015

Easy and quick food!

Are you hungry? Do you want to eat your mama’s food? Trust us we know the right place to go.....Amarilides!!!! Outside Chania in Crete. Yes, the truth is that, it was better than our mother because in England we don’t have these flavors.... Actually we don’t have flavors at all. Anyway, you have to go there and see for yourself. Great cuisine, Cretan healthy cuisine. We are guys and we all taste the famous fast food, burgers etc. But from our hotel told us about this restaurant. And of course we didn’t regret it. One dish better than the other!!! Not to mention Greek salads and wines and of course the fabulous ouzo!!!! Anyway, if you are in Chania go fast from morning till night!!!!!
👆 Web ⏳ 04-03-2015

Τasty seafood with very good service.

In Edinburg we don’t have these tastes, Mediterranean and of course not Cretan. A restaurant with very reasonable prices, we must say that, too. We ate seven times during our 10 day stay on the island. It was great. Every morning we went there to drink coffee and for swimming. Oh! Yes, we didn’t say to you that this lovely familiar restaurant, which called Amarilides, was on the beach and the tables with the umbrellas, too. The food was great, every day another taste, fresh fishes with different salad, the famous Greek mousaka and ouzo and a local drink which called raki. Four people and we all were very happy.
Angelique H
👆 Web ⏳ 15-10-2014

Truly, people there are artists in cooking!

I and my 3 friends went in Chania for holidays for 8 days we were told about a great beach not far away from our hotel in the city. Psilonero Tower. Well, we went for a swim and there we saw a very nice and very traditional tavern, called Amarilides. We approached and asked them at what time they serve. They told us that if we wanted now, but we preferred coffee because it was morning yet. We went to our umbrellas, we swam and then we ordered food. Ok! We stuck, 7 days there from morning till evening with the sunset, drinking ouzo and eating variety of Greek flavors...What can we say about this restaurant!!! We tried all the dishes.
Daphne G
👆 Web ⏳ 14-10-2014

It was awesome!!!!

We stayed with my husband in a hotel in the city of Chania. We ask them to suggest us a place for swimming and eat traditional food on the beach. They recommended Amarilides restaurant not far away from the city. In a magnificent location of the Psilonero Tower. So we went there…. It was great. Under the umbrellas, on the beach, you’ll find nice tables with very comfortable chairs where you can order, coffee, sodas and food of course. It was summer landscape, really. On the beach eating Greek traditional food. You must order Greek mousaka and Greek salad with a nice local wine….
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