Blue Bay Pension


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🌏 Skala Panagias Golden Beach, 640 04 Greece (View map)

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⏳ 07-2013

another wonderful holiday

We have been here every year for the past eleven years and again it did not disappoint. Every aspect of the stay was superb, from the warm welcome on arrival to the care and attention given to detail. The rooms are superb - all spacious, spotlessly clean and with lovely balconies and stunning views. Breakfast delicious and very plentiful. Thhe whole experience is five star.
⏳ 08-2008

Blue Bay Hotel

We booked the Blue Bay Hotel as a last minute deal through Thomson Small and Freindly. We had been to Thassos before about 7 years ago -and many other Greek Islands in between- we love Greece as it is very similar in climate to Western Australia- another place close to our hearts. Previously we stayed on the south of the island near LIMINERIA, which was nice also. Golden Beach is a fairly busy beach, but Blue Bay is set back as it is the last hotel on the headland before natural pine forest ( for want of a better words.) A real bonus now-a-days is being able to Google Earth the exact location, although Google Earth does not seem that accurate, you have to go for a bit of a ’fly’ around to find the shape of the hotel- given Thassos’s small size, it is quite pleasant exeperience and not unlike being some super hero- I would imagine. The rooms were basic but very ,very clean and nicely done. Comfortable. The view is what you will go here for. The backdrop is a superb vista of mountains, sweeping beach and heading out to open sea. All rooms have the same view. 1st Class and the best probably on Thassos. Breakfast is typically Greek...which can be said about the whole experience really. Some reviews criticise the breakfast, the number of wasps, the basic plumbing I think I read, but one can only imagine that a) they have not been to too many Greek Islands or b) they prefer to stay 5* hotel resorts where there are kids clubs, more British food and electronic fly killers(!) Each to their own I guess. (Yes there are wasps- all over the island..tend to be found in the air strangely enough(!) but not once did we get stung or overly bothered by them.We discovered they LOVE ham.. I always thought they would go for honey, they couldn't give a jot about honey- funny eh?!) The owners here are lovely, very accomodating. The only thing to tell you of(if anything) is that the bar there is quite expensive and the air con is another 5 Euros per day. But when you think of the location and the logistics behind it all, it is nothing that is so unreasonable. They are chilled about you getting your own stuff and eating/drinking it. Oh yes, you will see reports of 'THE HILLS' and how steep they are.... again, the island is a big hill in essence, so not unreasonable to expect some getting in your way at some point. There is a very well kept road leading into the town, it takes about 10 minutes to walk to the town/shops..which has a supermarket and a scattering of tavernas. They are not mount Everest by any stretch of the imagination, if you are of average fitness and health, the minor few 'bumps' are of no concern to you. DO not go to the first taverna at the bottom of the hill, on the beach...BAD MOVE. It had no name so i cannot arm you with an alarm, but is painted in a Greek blue colour and the owners have loud arguments in the kitchen- can't miss it. We liked Vigli's..... and Federa's. Nice food, friendly staff. This end of the island is much quieter than the other end- Skala Potamia... whilst still pleasant it is more of a 'tourist' pleaser... it was best to be at Golden Beach end. There are lovely beaches around if you like tp behave like a lizard from time to bad thing, but i'd suggest taking a little time to explore the island..particularly Thassos Town where ancient structures can be viewed. Car and bike rental is not badly priced for an island where you are a bit 'captive' - and they know it. The marble quarry is an eye opener... especially when they decided to remove a 10 ton chunk when we were scaling the summit of the islands mountain.... using a bucket of dynamite. NO H and S here. Lastly before I urge you to go here, a quick mention about cash machines. If you happen to spend all your money on Mythos the nearest cash machine is right up the other end of the bay at Skala Potamia...which is a 9 Euro return taxi. Don't hesitate for a second. Go here. …
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