Delish, Chania Town


๐ŸŒ Tsouderon 32, Chania Town, Crete 73132 Greece (View map)

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๐Ÿ‘† Mobile โณ 09-08-2021

Good gyros

Good, serviceable gyro/souvlaki joint. For a quick, cheap bite, this is an excellent option. I told my wife that if I traveled solo or with the guys, this would be a regular meal. But for couples it doesnโ€™t carry that fancy pants ambiance or food that a wife would want. But thatโ€™s not what this place is for, itโ€™s Greek fast food but so much better. Meat combo plate: this is a giant plate for two to three people. Nice variety of meats and so worth the price. Gyros: this is a delightful pocket of meaty joy with the combination of onions, tomatoes, sauce, etc. Really good. The guys here are fast and efficient. You can eat here or take food to go. Either way, itโ€™s good food.
๐Ÿ‘† Web โณ 04-08-2021

Vegan souvlaki to die for (in addition to the traditional meat ones)

I am slightly obsessed with this place... I just love their oyster mushroom and cherry tomatoes suvlaki. It s a vegan option if you order hummus instead of mayo. I had it several times, then once, feeling more carnivorous, I had the pancetta (pork meat, not the Italian bacon) and found it really good. Service is friendly and efficient. I can only recommend this place.
๐Ÿ‘† Mobile โณ 31-07-2021

Good food, nice service, really generous portions & low prices

We have experienced a nice dinner with good food and a pleasant service at this place. We did not actually know what to choose as the menu was quite large, so we asked the server to give us some tips. We indeed used these and within no more than 15 minutes we had a full table of mixed gyros sandwiches with fries and tzatziki and some pita breads on the table. The portions were really generous and the food was (at least for me) quite greece-authentic. We were not even able to finish one whole sandwich which is right now waiting for us to have it for dinner the next day. Our bill for all this was just โ‚ฌ 13,17 and I can easily say that the food would be enough to feed 3 people. Service was really nice and provided everything we asked for within seconds. I do recommend.
๐Ÿ‘† Web โณ 11-03-2020

Perfect Gyros

Everyday of my trip to Crete I went to this lovely place in the evening to got some delicious gyros. I HIGHLY recommend this place to be visited. The cooks know what they are doing and they are working very fast and I was even astonished by this btw. The taste is very good in every dish I tasted. This is not a regular fast food restaurant, its a real Restaurant. The price is quite cheap for the quality. In this place u can get not only gyros but also they have a big variety of dishes. So this place will be something for everyone.
๐Ÿ‘† Mobile โณ 20-10-2019


We went on a nightly stroll and walked by this place, the moment I saw the terras full of locals and the guy making a gyros wrapped in paper in under 10 seconds I knew this had to be good. I had a simple Chicken Gyros on Pita for only โ‚ฌ2,80! It was the best Iโ€™ve ever had ???? ( and Iโ€™m a culinary type ) We went back for a second time and both ordered a chicken gyros pita. Again AMAZING you canโ€™t let this place go by without eating here on your Chania trip.
๐Ÿ‘† Mobile โณ 17-10-2019

Best gyros in Kreta

We tried chicken and pork gyros - all was unforgettable deliciously good. The stuff is very friendly and price is affordable. Must visit - we will come back 100%.
๐Ÿ‘† Mobile โณ 22-09-2019

Best giros ever tested Create

I have ordered chicken giros in pita, it was very taistey, the highlight was their local yogourt at the top. I recomand.
๐Ÿ‘† Mobile โณ 11-09-2019

Great food

Tasty food, speedy service. Had pork gyros plate and it was one of the best we ever tasted. Potatoes also nice and fresh. Going back for sure.

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