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David P

Cliff Jumping in January!!

This was one of the most beautiful places we visited in Greece. It is well worth the time it takes to get there, and it really isn’t far from Corinth. We were there in the off season so everything was closed. The aqueduct ruins were fascinating. Don’t cheat yourself, make the walk to the Lighthouse. There are so many great views, and you can enjoy exploring the rocks and paths. My daughter’s dream was to cliff jump and she did it....more than once!! It was January, the water was cold, but well worth it. On the sunny day we were there, it was not big deal. Just an amazing place to visit, and one we will definitely include when we go back to Greece!!!
Giwta Markou

The Amazing Heraion

The amazing historical heraion of perachora is a must! I recommend to read the mythological history about Godess Hera. The aura and the feeling near the ancient stones is a unique experience! If it issuer dont forget to wear your swimwear cause there is a small bay with clear water!


The archaeological site of Heraion tucked in the north-eastern corner of the Gulf of Corinth is accessible by road or—even better—by boat. The ancient ruins of the Temple of Hera may not be the best in Greece to look at, but archaeologically, they are among some of the most important.

However, ruins aside, the area is beautiful and unspoiled, allowing for walks along the spectacular cliffs to the lighthouse or swimming in the stunning, clear blue waters. If you know the right spots, there are a couple of areas where you can dive from the cliffs into the water.

Highly recommended.
Dana A

A corner of heaven

It’s so beautiful that you do not deserve to miss a stop in this place. Peace and silence for one hour.
Patrick D

Really worth the trip!

It’s just a few kilometers North-West of Korinthos and it should not be missed, provided you have a car and a half-day to spend. This is really a wonderful place, mixing history and nature treasures. Maybe some more explanations could be provided to visitors about the sanctuary...
Please do not miss the short walk to the lighting house and an amazing view over the sea.
Restaurants around the lake, on your way to the sanctuary, can be forgotten. Not that good, not that cheap...

Stunningly beautiful, but be careful!!!

I brought students here in May of 2016. One student sprained her ankle and had some deep wounds which required medical attention because she slipped on gravel while walking down to the swimming hole.

Also, about the swimming hole.... when we visited, it was FILLED with jellyfish! Thousands of them! Our friends had been the week before and had joyfully gone swimming and cliff jumping there, but we couldn’t even dip our toes in the water here. Infested with jellyfish.

We went to the nearby saltwater lake to swim, where there were only a small number of jellyfish and some good restaurants.

Worth a stop for some great pictures and some swimming if there aren’t any jellyfish.

Turquoise waters and pine trees surround this ancient temple 1 hour away form AThens

This is a beautiful area, perfect for sunset photos. The temple of Hera, wife of Zeus, dates from 700 BC and stands there, exposed to wind and sea, maintaining its original beauty and inviting admirers and swimmers to see it and to swim in this small beach right at the heart of the temple. Pilgrimages were organized twice a year and ships were sailing in at the exact same port where you can swim, to assist to the celebrations for the Godess. There is also a small Christian church built on the ruins where you can seat and enjoy the view. No religious masses take place here except from the day the name of this particular Saint is being celebrated, in September. Still, the photos you can take out of this point will look amazing. At the same area, there is a lighthouse that has become automatic since 1982. You can climb up, follow the path that will take you there and observe a typical Greek lightnouse. In Greece, all lighthouses and surrounding areas belong to the Greek MIlitary Navy, so access or cafeterias on them are far from being allowed. Combine this visit with one to the Lake of Vouliagmeni, 1 km away. You can eat either at Tsanas or else called LIdo, for typical GReek and fish or at Ipanema club for western restaurant style. Both are good. The area is secluded in winter and it’s a good idea to visit on a sunny day if you can’t make it in another season. Fall and spring at their best.
Betty H


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