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Location / Nearby Monastery of Kremasti


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Image Monastery of Kremasti

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Beautiful nature

Next to Ancient Olympia is that wonderful monastery in the nature. It brings you peace and calm feelings, closer to spirituality.
Mike H

Pretty much like most Greek Churches

The outside is picturesque but you couldn’t get inside to see what it was like so we can’t say much about it.
Gerda K

Absolutely amazing place

We didn’t planned to go there. But it was amazing experience.
The nun who talked with us was very friendly.
Amazing view on the top of the mountain. You can touch the sky there.
I’m not religious but the feeling was that you are safe and really somebody is taking care of you.
Go and you won’t regret it.

Worth a trip inot the mountains

We went go on a Sunday morning ..... you can hear the signing reverberate all around the valley although not the time to actually visit as we did not want to disturb the services
James D

Authentic and very spritiual

We were taken there by Katakolon Taxi and were blown away by the beauty and simplicity of the place. The faith simply shone from the eyes of the nun who assisted us. One left feeling profoundly that one had visited somewhere special.

Amazing experience

Amazing experience. Beautiful monastery. Absolutely amazing images of saints and other examples of Greek orthodox faith

Where eyes can see the miracles of faith and the naive faces of the nuns .

A unique site where the monastery is located, curved in the slope of a rocky mountain in the heart of the woods. You will be rewarded with a stunning view from the top of the hill down to the endless olive groves and vineyards. The cells of the nuns near the chappel of St. Antonios, the main Church of Holy Mary ( Panagia ), will cmpenste the visitor of any age. Unique experience to hear the choir nuns at he Gospel. Hospitality is excellent offers of homemade sweets and source mineral water.
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