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Sabrina C

Very nice beach

Very nice beach in the morning near to Antiparos town. It is OK for all the people nudist or not! During the afternoon it is too crowded.

Very retro nudist beach

This is the most beautiful of sandy beaches.
When we arrived around midday walking from the harbour for about 15 minutes, there was a very chilled out vibe.
There was a calm breeze and the sun was beating down.
There was a good number of nudists, only a few people 4-5 where clothed.
The sea was very calm here and you could see a few fish and could even swim to the other island, it is not too deep and relatively warm.
It was a fantastic beach very comfortable vibe. It is a must in antiparos for any nudist or for someone who wishes to experience this free feeling of nature.
Lonnie L

Nudist Explorer

This trip was my first visit to this or any Greek beach. It was an easy morning stroll to the beach from my rental. There is also a campground here, however the mini mart and restaurant there are closed for the season come September.
I was here September 17-19, 2019. The weather was still quite nice for a day of sunning and exploring. The beach is a nice crescent of fine sand that has a series of trails from the parking area. It’s very easy access to the water which has a low to mild current. Less crowded in the mornings and starts filling up a bit mid afternoon. I’m sure in the height of the season it gets quite crowded. No facilities what-so-ever. Pack your trash out.
For extra adventure, there is another island just across from the beach you can actually wade or swim to and explore nude as well. It’s a nice sandy bottom until you reach the other shore, then it’s a bit slippery and rocky. Wear water socks and WATCH YOUR STEP! Nisida Diplo Island has a single disheveled stone building and inhabited by a few wandering goats.
It was a great couple of days. This is the only official nude beach in all of Greece. Well worth a visit despite its remoteness. Enjoy!!!

Quiet seclusion.

The camping beach has been a naturist beach for 50 years. Some say it is the most beautiful in Greece. Certainly it is sheltered by scrub and dunes with lovely views across the swimmable sound to the neighbouring uninhabited island. No commercialism, very quiet, very low key and relaxed. We missed the afternoon ice cream van this year. No facilities apart from a slightly eccentric volley ball net (unused on our visits). The local footpath diverts (not entirely successfully) away from the beach but the occasional surprised visitor is not a problem.
Chris H

Windy side of the island

It was blowing hard when we went there.
A few hardy souls had found some shelter, but generally the beach was deserted.
Looks to have potential on a calm day.

Excellent Caribbean blue waters. Really crowded.

Nudist or not, you can come! It has the most amazing water and an island opposite the beach, which one can easily access either by swimming or even walking since the water level is not quite deep.
The beach also has a beach volley court. It is overall very beautiful, however it is quite crowded.
Toby L

Found by accident exploring the top of the island

Not my kind of thing, that being said, the beach was stunning, out of the way, so anyone not comfortable.. read the sign at the entrance and turn around. This fantastic little haven for nudists has been here since the 70’s and I love that this island truly has something for everyone.

The beach has some of the best views and a very warm, mild current with plenty of sand and two little islands beyond you can walk to. And if it’s not your thing, either embrace a new experience or visit one of the other countless beaches in the area, there are 3 within a 5 minute walk :)
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