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Great little musuem

My friend wanted to visit the coin collection so I tagged along - if you aren’t in to coins (FYI the collection is amazing) it is worth paying the entry fee just to walk around the floors and look at the room decorations which are amazing.

If you like coins then this museum is coin heaven.

If you are a fan of sports and the Olympics then define you visit as they have the original modern Olympic Games medals on display.

If you aren’t interested in any of the above there is a very nice cafe around the back.

There was a staff member in every room who where all friendly and lovely. The only down side was that the gift shop was closed.

Don’t waste your time and money

World class collection and great presentation, but don’t waste your time and money. The staff hounded us from room to room (there were only two of us on the whole floor). I spent less than thirty minutes on the 1st floor, among coins that deserved several hours. I was prevented from going to the second floor because I had already overstayed my visit.
In-Yong H

Wonderful villa - worth a visit even if you don’t love coins!

Who knew there was a specific word which refer to coun collections?! It’s a wonderful museum which takes you through the history of coins all the way from the ancient Greek times to the present day. There is enough to keep you busy for at least 2 hours. Even if you’re not into coins, it’s a wonderful building, and was the not-so-humble abode of Heinrich Schliemann (of the Troy excavation fame) and there’s a lot of fascinating information about his story. There’s also a tranquil cafe in the garden outside to rest your weary legs after the visit. I recommend the yoghurt with honey!

Great to see history of coinage

Rare coins dating back thousands of years. Excellent exhibit of numerous collections of Greek and Roman coins along with the historical timelines. As a stamp collector, this is a must see exhibit.

Nice building

So much history and places that we don’t even see in our own city... Beautiful museum with yard that you can enjoy the coins and your coffee.

Nice little museum

Set in a beautiful building, this has a good collection of old coins. Large bags have to be put in a cupboard before going in.

Worth seeing for the house, coins a bonus!

A fine classical style building which is worth seeing even if you are not much into coins. The coin collection is great but interesting largely only for the aficionado I suspect.

Hovering Staff & No Audio Tour

I was excited to go to this museum for a change of pace of the other museums I’ve visited in Athens. However, this was the worst experience I’ve had thus far. There were only five other visitors in the Museum and the staff felt the need to follow everyone room from room (and not to answer questions or be of any help) to watch you as you looked at each case.

Additionally, the audio tour is not available and many of the signs describing what you are looking at are only listed in Greek.

I typically spend about an hour per exhibit in museums but found myself in and out in about 20 minutes.
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