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Definitely worth a visit!

We went to see the castle in a cloudy morning and it was a morning well spent! The view from the castle is magnificent and you can learn a lot about the period it was used as a fortress
Imperia F

Many consider it as the most beautiful castle in Greece

Visit The Platamon Castle, a Crusader castle (built between 1204 and 1222) located on a rocky hill with unique views southeast of Mt. Olympus. The Castle is open to the public daily from 8:00 to 15:00. Many consider it as the most beautiful castle in Greece, so if you find yourself in the area it’s worth visiting it.

A good way to diversify your leisurely beach vacations :))...

If you are a little bit tired with your beach staying in some vicinity, like Neoi Poroi, this castle could be considered as a part of your cultural programme :).

Yes, definitely and obviously the castle is not so impressive as Monasteries of Meteora or the very Olymp but if you have a rented car for the whole period of your vacations in the region - why not?! :)
Concerning its intrinsic historical value - it’s hollowed out factually - the very castle is just construction of rocks and stones; there is no any good museum or exhibition of the times it guarded.
Therefore, if you think or expect to see some interesting artefacts there - don’t disappoint yourself - it is not so despite some continuous archaeological work :).
Its preciousness is in its views, and only if your are as maximum some 30 minutes of driving there.
Since there are not many individual visitors at the same time you are to park your car without serious problems and difficulties; the very parking area is immediately in front of the beginning of the path (across the street).

The visit is not free of charge but prices are affordable.
Planning your visit think carefully of time - since it’s almost an open air space with little shadow pieces there is too hot there even in early June; thus, if some cardio problems are known, better to examine the castle early in the morning.

If you are an Orthodox Christian there is a very calm and patient Church inside the castle where you could also have some rest from the sun.
Don Flores

Very beautiful!

Very very beautiful place ! Full of history ! Nice view from the top ! Inside you can drink very cold a d very good natural water from a sprinkle.
Maja Kovac

Platamonas Castle

I visited Platamnas Castle with my husband and were amazed with the view. It is great to learn and view something new on vacation.

Worth Seeing

€2 per person. You have to park at the bottom of the hill and walk up. So rich in history and a very strategic location during Byzantine era. Worth visiting and very well maintained.

Great view

Great place for a great view of Platamonas. The castle and grounds are well maintained but could have more explanations. It would be good to visit early in the morning to avoid the midday heat. At 2 EUROS/person it’s worth visiting.
Charles S

A great look at a piece of history

When we travel, it is always nice to visit historic sites. The castle and grounds are well maintained. Nice map at the entrance. Signage and numbers at landmarks. Only €2 entry. Great views of Mt. Olympus and the Mediterranean Sea.

Worth a visit

At €2 each, you can’t really complain. Good views across the coast and towards the mountains. Could have had more information inside the walls
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