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Amazing huge sandy beach

A gorgeous beach with free parking.
Amazing to see a sand beach so long and wide on Rhodes where most are pebble.
The two seas converging is unique, you can actually see the difference in colour of each and walk between them, a leg in each!
Initially I was a bit put off visiting by other reviews suggesting lots of rubbish everywhere, there was hardly any. However most of it was tiny bits of plastic which had been washed up by the sea (so sad to see this).

Worth a visit

Nice place to visit with lots of kite surfers and windsurfers. The meeting of the seas is interesting and good to see. It has a nice vibe with several nice coffee shops /restaurants. Easy to park.
Dave H

Non surfers? Visit anyway!!

There were a lot of reviews siting the rubbish this may be slightly to the contrary of that. We visited the beach as a family and have to say that we expected Armageddon but found no piles of trash and instead a guy picking litter up from the beach which was as clean and tidy as any/most Greek beaches. It is a haven for kite and windsurfers and if that is your thing then it is great. To watch is also very cool and the kids enjoyed this as much as anything. It is v windy (as you would expect) and got busy late morning and by midday. Try and get there early and check the ride times too so you can walk out on the sand bar to the island. It is also worth noting some of the reviews saying about being “mindful” of kite surfers and to be aware of their kits etc when it is gusty. It is a beautiful place for all to enjoy ( not just the surf community) and hopefully those helping keep it clean will ensure it is there for others to enjoy for years to come.
Maria-Cristina B

Windsurfers’ paradise

Perfect place for windsurfers, as the wind is strong enough. Sandy Beach with not so deep water so also for families with small children to recommend. There are also a few campers on site. What is unique is the fact that the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea.
David D

Would be excellent if cleaner

Friday 23rd October and we drove from our hotel in Pefkos to this beach, a distance of 45 kilometres and about 50 minute drive.

There is a vast section of golden brown sand that stretches out for about a kilometre. Sadly on closer inspection the beach is a bit dirty, plastic bottles caps, bits of polystyrene, plastic drinking straws and other items were in abundance.

A natural phenomenon occurs here, where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas meet, when the tides are high part of the Prasonisi peninsula gets isolated by the seas and forms an island. Prasonisi Lighthouse is on the most southerly point of the Island.

While we were there people were wading, waist high, across to the Island, it took about 5 minutes.

The climatic conditions here are ideal for wind surfing and similar sports. There were a number of equipment rental places here

Discovered that Prasonisi is the Greek word for "green island".

The nearest town is Katavia, roughly 9 kilometres away. There are a number of restaurants and supermarkets at the beach. Parking here is free.

In My Opinion The Must Visit Beach in Rhodes

Situated at the southern tip of the island this beach is a little off the beaten track but is well worth a visit.

Situated between the mainland and a small island there is a large stretch of beach which is populated by numerous windsurfers and other such water activity enthusiasts. Therefore whilst I wouldn’t particularly recommend this place for a ‘quiet sunbath’ - it’s not going to happen - it worths the trip for the spectacle of multiple coloured kites, the sheer activity and the vista.

Parking: On the edge of the beach (hard standing - don’t worry) & it’s free.
Refreshments: There is a bar in this small beach settlement.
Other: If you approach down the western coast road the sea turns, through multiple shades from turquoise to deep blue.
Other: Obviously take towels with you.
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