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Great Bar

We had 3 nights at the Dubliner on our recent holiday. There is a small cover charge but it gets you a free drink. Just don’t take the Ouzo option, it’s the tourist version (cloudy white) and tastes terrible. There are actually 4 bars inside the Dubliner which is awesome because when you get sick of one type of music - you just walk 10 meters to another one...Decent prices and the staff are friendly. I loved the music and had 3 great nights here.
Anna R

Great food, fun atmosphere, and friendly staff!

I had the opportunity to hang out at the Dubliner for several nights in July.
The food was delicious and the staff made me feel like one of the family.
I would highly recommend their steak sandwich, fish and chips and pasta.
It’s a great place to try new food and drinks. Be sure to ask to meet Ken the manager, he will surely look after you!
Mana A

Tourist trap

If having a good time means getting drunk on poisoning adulterated alcohol and hanging out with underaged teenagers, then the Dubliner in the perfect place for you.
The place consists of a complex of four bars (latin/ commercial/tech/ and whatever was the last one) that plays the same playlist on an on till you’re able to predict what song is going to play next. There are plenty of nice bars to have a drink in Parikia, and Naoussa is not that far by bus, just avoid the tourist trap.
Julie B

The whole world in one place!

Great place with interesting people from all over the world! Australians, scandinavians, french, albanian, greek and english. Everyone were really lovely and we danced all night to awesome music, both new and old, the type that everyone knows. It is such a great time! Always someone to dance with. The staff were really nice and the place itself is really cool with different bars in one place. 5€ entrance, but you will get a free drink! 7 shots gives you a t-shirt which is a great souvernir. The drinks are at an ok price and they are really good aswell! It is a bit hidden, so you should ask someone for the directions. It takes up around 1 am and it is normally a pre- party at "saloon" which is close by. Best place in Paros, a must if in Parikia!
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