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We are a rescue centre and sanctuary for neglected donkeys and horses and mules. We also have dogs and cats, all rescues. We welcome visitors to come and meet the animals, pet them, groom them or even take one for a walk. We do not charge a fee but do require a donation towards the rescue work we do. We are a registered charity. We have a small gift shop . We advise that people call first to arrange a time to visit as we are sometimes called away from the sanctuary. We are closed between 1300 hours and 1700 hrs and closed on a Monday The road o th sanctuary is a track which some people may not wish to drive down. It is possible to park at the church and walk.
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Totally worth it

A really unique and happy experience. We travelled from the north, so on the way we could also enjoy spectacular views, the place is run by an amazing couple, and even though the description says equine sanctuary, they also have cats and dogs. A few of the horses are a bit shy, but all the other animals are super friendly and enjoy attention and contact. It is also very interesting to listen to the stories about the animals and about the place. Totally totally recommend, if you like animals, it is a must visit spot

The Donkeys have a lovely home here

It is worth the effort visiting this donkey sanctuary to meet the donkeys their wonderful carers, Suzanne and Alistair too. The donkeys, horses and dogs are safe and healthy living in a few acres of rural mountainside. Suzanne and Alistair are kindness itself and showed us around and introduced us to the animals, which we could stroke and fuss. We heard the animals traumatic histories and how they have come through their ordeals. Support them if you can.
C Ross


Called the day before and owner suggested a time to visit. Had a wonderful experience and felt warmly welcomed by the owner who guided us around the site for an hour and a half, even though he ran the centre with only one other person. There’s not just donkeys and horses but cats and dogs too. I would definitely recommend as a must do!
Bonnie L

Amazing experience

I visited and had a one night stay at this wonderful place in the mountains of Crete. This sanctuary for Donkeys and really all of God’s creatures in need is run by two of the most giving people. I had the privilege of meeting Suzanne and Alistair who have dedicated their lives to running this sanctuary and giving care, kindness and compassion to Donkeys who have worked their whole lives only to be discarded when too old or sick to be of use. This sanctuary does wonderful work and I had the privilege of being able to help brush, feed and walk some of the four legged residents. I also stayed for the evening in a tent and had a delicious home cooked meal. I truly don’t know where Suzanne found the time to make my meal after a long day caring for her "residents". I wish for more people to know about and visit this place that does so much for animals in need. I highly suggest reaching out to them via email ahead of time as there are only two of them and you would really miss out on a great experience if they were to run out to the market. Suzanne and Alistair were even kind enough to meet me at the bus station in town for a very nominal fee. Please go check this haven for animals out and give a donation big or small. It goes a long way for animals in need.

Four days and Three nights of Peace and Tranquilty

My wife and I stayed at the Donkey Sanctuary for 3 nights and we both loved the experience. Suzanne and Alistair are both delightful people whose commitment to their chosen cause should be an inspiration to all of us. The facilities, while a bit basic, are perfectly comfortable, and the sounds of contented horses, mules and donkeys chomping on their feed or braying in the night really adds to the whole ambience.
The Yurt type tent has sleeping capacity for three on large deep airbed mattresses, double and single, and there are cooking and washing facilities although the Greek water provision can be a bit patchy. The cooking facilities are hardly necessary as Suzie provides delicious homecooked food ,breakfast and dinner, and eating out in the peaceful Cretan Countryside is truly a magical experience. Alistair has water tanks around their land which are filled when possible. The views from their hilltop position are beautiful ,especially the night sky, with many more stars than you normally see. If one is keen on birdwatching i would certainly encourage a visit as we saw groups of Vultures from the nearby colony and stunning Bee Eaters both on a number of occasions. If you are unable to stay overnight due to time constraints it is still worth a visit for a chance to see these amiable creatures in their happy and safe situation which they richly deserve, after the appalling treatment some have received at the hands of less enlightened people.
Please do make a cash donation when visiting as they will be unable to continue this amazing work without help.
Martina W

A lovely idea for a daytrip

We decided spontaneously to visit the farm and we were really excited. We got a tour of 1,5 hours through the area and heard a lot about the animals, where the came from, what they expierienced and about the idea behind the farm as well. The farm keeps donkeys, horses, mules, cats and dogs and it’s amazing that it’s run by just two people, who really invest time in this project! The animals obviously found a good home and it’s definitely worth a visit!
Abigail S

Wonderful animal rescue charity

Suzie and Alastair run this wonderful charity, benefiting all equines plus dogs and cats in need of rescuing.
Having volunteered at the sanctuary a couple of years ago and visited since, we remain super impressed at the work they do and the kindness and love shown to the animals, gallantly coping with the most tragic of circumstances and events.
A small charity worthy of a visit to their peaceful environment with the wonderful animals and a great view from the mountains to the sea.
And worthy of donations too, including supporting their monthly auctions (search for them on Facebook) to help them continue the fabulous work.
Chrissi G

Lovely donkeys and lovely view

After reading some of the reviews, I can say that you should call ahead/Facebook message to visit the sanctuary. There are only two people (a couple) that own and operate the entire sanctuary and if they are not there then you won’t really get to see the donkeys. If you do let them know you are coming, you will be greeted kindly and get to see these donkeys that are very well taken care of and loved. Plus, there is a nice view from the sanctuary. It is nothing fancy with no bells and whistles, but it is real and authentic and beautiful. Would recommend!!!!
Paul P


After driving around crete consulting tripadvisor all the way, we found this donkey sanctuary and decided to visit.
In Bonaire we visited a similar sanctuary which we enjoyed.
So we found this place, took the nearly impossible road up and down the mountain but found no signs of life.

We passed a car with a man who just ignored us.
Big disappointment especially because it is not on the way to anything.
I am unable to upload a screenshot of movie of the road.
Christine H

Beautiful sanctuary full of beautiful animals

Really enjoyed our visit today. It was lovely to meet all the animals and learn all their stories. They all have such different personalities. What an amazing thing these people are doing, rescuing and rehabilitating animals who have been neglected or treated badly.
A must visit for animal lovers :-)
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