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Location / Nearby Waterfalls of Ampelos

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Image Waterfalls of Ampelos

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A waterfall worth visiting

A worthy waterfall, a short walk from the driveway, through beautiful greenery. At the end of the runway, there are rock walls that, when you enter the water, reach the first waterfall you have to climb to reach a more powerful waterfall. at the moment, the cords from the first waterfall were stung to climb up, could, but can do without them, even though coming down is really bad. the water goes deep at times, (to the neck), but definitely worth a visit and recommend. At the end of the trail there is a wooden staircase with a cafe, but the stairs are very steep
Panagiotis G

A nice walk in the nature

Although we visit the waterfalls in Aug ( not so much of water) the trail worth the time we spend.
The main trail is walkable even with flip flops but I strongly recommend walking shoes.
The trail up to the wooden bridge was easy even for my 7 years old daughter.
Unfortunately we did not had time to explore the whole place.
You can combine your walk with a fine dining at the Ampelos tavern.
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